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Reduce Allergy Symptoms With Immunotherapy in Indianapolis

Adult Pediatric Allergy Specialists offers several types of allergy immunotherapy to our Indianapolis patients. While administration techniques differ, each approach uses desensitization to decrease symptoms associated with indoor, outdoor and food allergens. Small amounts of the actual allergen are administered, with doses increasing over time.

We offer our patients Subcutaneous immunotherapy (SCIT): These are traditional allergy shots administered under the skin via a small needle. Shots are given twice weekly for six to nine months, and then time between injections is increased to a maintenance schedule, with patients receiving injections once or twice a month.

How It Benefits You

For those allergic to foods, pollen or household triggers, the benefits of immunotherapy can hardly be overstated. In addition to potentially lowering the incidence of deadly reactions, these treatments can improve the quality of life for many patients. Those with severe seasonal allergies often find their dependence on medication significantly decreases or disappears completely by the conclusion of treatment. Secondary issues, such as sinusitis and asthma attacks, are also reduced when allergy symptoms diminish.

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Give our Indianapolis staff a call today to get started treating your indoor, outdoor and food allergies with a personalized immunotherapy plan. You can reach us at 317-851-9311 to schedule an appointment for allergy or asthma treatment.

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